Lauren O’Neal cohosts the podcast Sunday School Dropouts (iTunes link, non-iTunes link), in which an ex-Christian (Lauren) and a nonbelieving sort of Jew (Niko Bakulich) read through the Bible one day per week.

Summary: If you’ve ever been curious about what’s actually in the bestselling book in history but never found the time to read it, we’ve got you covered. Sunday School Dropouts is kind of like Mystery Science Theater 3000 for the Bible, or like listening to a recap of your favorite show, if your favorite show was about polygamous shepherds on very strict diets. With guests like Daniel Lavery, Ezekiel Kweku, and Scott Benson, we have all kinds of conversations—sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes spiritual, sometimes anti-spiritual, and everything in between. The weird, the wacky, the wonderful—we’ll clue you in on everything they didn’t teach you in Sunday school.

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Past Guests: J. W. Friedman, Dr. Chrissy Stroop, Ezekiel Kweku, Julián Delgado Lopera, Garrard Conley, Luke Dani Blue, Philip Shiu, Le Duc Violet, Daniel Lavery, Lola Prescott, Michelle Sutherland, General Ironicus, Scott Benson, Maggie Tokuda-Hall, Sarah Maria Griffin, Tasbeeh Herwees, Matthew Clark Davison, Elise Carlton, Robert Kashow, Rose Eveleth, Nicole Cliffe, Patricia Lockwood, Dr. Jason Staples, Ryan Honaker, Bree Mae, Blake Chastain, Sulagna Misra